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Olive Kreitman, CNE

Olive Kreitman

Olive Kreitman has always had a strong interest in health and nutrition, and began living a health-conscious lifestyle in her teenage years.  Having herself suffered from digestive issues, she felt compelled to find answers to her own health problems. This desire led her on a journey in which she explored many different facets of health and alternative healing.  Her research allowed her to learn a great deal about health and nutrition, more specifically how to maintain true digestive wellness.  The cornerstone of her learning was the tremendous impact that food has on health and how both proper and improper nutrition affects every level of health and well – being.

Her curiosity and strong interest in nutrition evolved into a personal passion, and in 2007 Olive made a decision to pursue further education in this area. She received certification as a Nutrition Educator from Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts.  She began her nutrition career as a Lifestyle Educator in Firstline Therapy, a therapeutic lifestyle program designed to help people make positive lifestyle choices, in support of optimal health and well – being. Her specialty is digestive function.

Olives’ unselfish desire to help others stems from her own yearning for health and the acquisition of knowledge and understanding.  Teaching others has become what she likes to call “a labor of love” and she cannot think of anything more rewarding and fulfilling than being able to guide others towards greater levels of health and vitality.

Olive is a graduate of Pacific Oaks College and maintains a B.A. in Human Development.  Additionally, she acquired a Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica in Santa Monica, CA.