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890 So. Arroyo Parkway | Pasadena, Ca 91105 | (626) 403-9000

Wendy Wang, N.D.

Wnndy Wang

Dr. Wendy Wang graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. She is licensed to practice in California as well. She has joined with Dr Maria to see patients who can benefit greatly from her expertise in Naturopathic Medicine, a balanced way of treating diseases. She is also trained in Acupuncture and Craniosacral Adjustment, and is fully trained for Homotoxicology.

In addition, Dr. Wang is fluent in both Chinese and English, and periodically gives seminars about health.

Early on in her adult life she experienced health challenges while working as a software engineer due to stress at work, eating a standard American diet and being chemically sensitive toward environmental pollution in metropolitan cities. Her personal experience lead her to seek the healthiest lifestyle and to gain the knowledge and education to help others overcome illness and disease.

She strongly believes with proper diet and nutrition as well as a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude towards life, many chronic illnesses can be overcome. She knows that balancing the inner energy can improve one’s optimal health.

If you are looking for a primary care physician who cares about your health and is current in practicing naturopathic medicine, meet Dr Wang, you will love her!

Dr. Wang specializes in these Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine Programs:

Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Acupuncture – needling
  • Cupping – cup sticks to skin via suction
  • Tui Na – body work using acupressure
  • Cranio-Sacral Adjustment
Naturopathic Medicine

  • Lifestyle / diet modification
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Mind-Body / energy therapies
  • Bio-identical hormone therapy
  • IV / injection therapy