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Holistic Dentistry

Holistic, health- driven dental care takes everything into account. Examining how your general wellness affects your oral cavity  and how to reach your specific needs and goals. The holistic dental practitioner uses techniques, materials, methods, and processes that are both safe and compatible with the mouth and the body.

The dentist invests a tremendous amounts of time in educating themselves and their patients about this ever-important mouth/body connection.  He also becomes an integral part of the patient’s overall wellness team.

Holistic dentistry involves the science of using non- toxic dental restorative materials, the rational removal of toxic metals using accepted treatment protocols, the early emphasis on immune system support during care and microbiological control of gum infections.

In your appointment the topics that will be discussed are; mercury toxicity, dental amalgam health problems, heavy metal body burden, biocompatibility of composite dental restorations, nonmetallic and non mercury fillings, protocols for mercury amalgam removal, as well as biological microscopic non- surgical gum care.

You will also be informed of suggested diet and supplemental systemic care.

Toxicity Testing

An often overlooked, but extremely important source of toxic material is the mercury from silver (mercury) amalgam fillings. Over 50% of mercury is found in dental amalgam fillings.

Biomaterials, such as amalgam fillings, used to restore, repair, or maintain structure or function in the human body sometimes cause adverse reactions. Reaction to bio-materials vary from person to person from mild irritations to severe effects.

Dr. Maria uses selected tests for reactivity prior to any procedure involving the use of bio-materials.
 It is a comprehensive blood test that screens for any individual sensitivities to bio-materials through antibody detection.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Your beautifully straight and bright smile is not the only things we consider. We also have a holistic approach to cosmetic dentistry that ensures a comfortably healthy bit and jaw placement. Our advanced cosmetic dentistry treatments include natural looking crown and bridgework implants that look natural, bonding, porcelain laminates and bleaching.

Gum Disease & Tooth Decay Treatment

Nutrition can be a large factor of Gum disease and tooth decay. Traditionally fluoride is used to harden enamel and make it more resistant to decay.

Research from around the world suggests that use of fluoride, especially if taken systemically through water or vitamins may be harmful because it is absorbed in other tissues and bone.

There are reports that link fluoride use to cancer and other degenerative diseases. As far as causes go; consideration should be given to imbalances in the pH of saliva, calcium and phosphorous in the body. Intake of refined carbohydrates should be  monitored as well.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy & Dentistry

Oxygen is essential to any healing process. Through HBOT , the concentration of the oxygen dissolved in the bloodstream , is thus raised many time above normal ( up 2000 % ) Because of this high concentration of oxygen, HBOT is used to accelerate the healing process after oral Surgery , plastic surgery, wound care, burn victims, and may neurologic , orthopedic as well as emergency conditions and degenerative diseases . In addition to the blood, all the body fluids including lymph and cerebral-spinal fluid are infused with healing benefits of this molecular oxygen. It can reach bone and tissue which are not accessible to the4 red blood cells, enhance white blood cell function and promote the formation of new capillary and peripheral blood vessels This results in an increased control of infections and faster healing in a wide range of conditions. With HBOT , patients have remained free from opportunistic infections, experiencing relief from fatigue and maintain their body weight. It is important to emphasize, in addition to the specific purpose of its use, HBOT has shown to be particularly effective in the cosmetic and spa treatments such as rejuvenation and Anti – Aging.