Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine

Dr. Maria’s science which uses compounding nutritional and alternative medicine holds the key to a healthier you with added quality years to you life.

Each patient is consulted and examines as he/she is given an opportunity to undergo a multiphasic laboratory analysis for personalization of an individual holistic goal.

Our mission is simple:

We provide medical and wellness care for the community while promoting the prevention of diseases, through education and scientifically designed programs. We integrate Allopathic (traditional) & Alternative Medicine because we can support optimal health and healing by addressing the real causes of diseases, and not just covering up symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs.

Dr. Maria has been practicing for more than two decades in world wide ground breaking Holistic Wellness Medicine.

The goal is to address all the aspects of human needs; the Physical, Spiritual and Emotional. We support the patient in achieving balance for their health and life goals with natural approaches whenever available. Natural medicine can treat the patient and help them avoid the complications of degenerative diseases or side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs, as much as possible.