My Personal Story…

One of my “siblings” had a massive stroke when he was only 30 years old, and it changed my life forever.”

“Strokes aren’t supposed to happen to people so young. So I made a vow right then and there to devote the rest of my life to the newly emerging science of Anti-Aging Medicine — so that no one else would have to suffer like this.”

People often ask me, “Dr. Maria, how did you decide to specialize in the field of Anti-Aging Medicine?”

Often with tears in my eyes, I tell them the tragic story of my sibling, who had a very bad stroke when he was only 30 years old. You see, strokes aren’t supposed to happen to people that young. What went wrong? My sibling was a non-smoker, a non-drinker, and was athletically fit. But as the doctors looked deeper and deeper into his case, they discovered that…

On the inside, he had the body of an elderly man!

It was shocking. Even though my sibling looked young and “healthy” on the outside, internally it was a different story.

This frightened me. I thought of the possibility that I, too, might be “healthy on the outside” but not on the inside (due to hereditary factors).
So I had myself tested, and I was horrified at what the doctors discovered…

Internally, I had the body of a 70-year-old woman — even though I was only 35 years old!

I was so upset at this, I had the doctors repeat the tests all over again. But the results came back exactly the same! What was the problem? To put it simply, my body’s level of Growth Hormone was frighteningly low . Whereas my “Insulin Growth Factor 1” measurement should be at 300 ng/ml, it was all the way down to a mere 70 ng/ml! So right away, I started taking “Growth Hormone Releasers.” And within just a few months, my Growth Hormone levels were up where they were supposed to be, and my body started getting healthier and healthier on the inside and the outside!

I’ll never know just how close I came to kidney or liver failure — or perhaps a stroke like my 30-year-old sibling had.

But Ivowed right then and there to devote the rest of my medical career to the newly emerging science of Anti-Aging Medicine. I met Dr. Robert Kerr, a pioneer in the field of Anti-Aging, and I began studying under him. In 1983, I found the ACAM where I learned extensively about integrative and alternative medicine.

In 1996, I joined the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (the “A4M”), and before long I became Board Certified by the A4M under the auspices of Harvard University. I was on their Board of Examiners, supervising the intense testing and scrutiny of other physicians who are starting to specialize in Anti-Aging Medicine.

In 2000, I founded the Academy of Anti-Aging Research (A3R). This organization encourages physicians and other medical professionals to do more research in the field of Anti-Aging. A3R helped to educate physicians in this field of medicine.

In the meantime, I started treating my family members and friends with personalized Anti-Aging Medicine. The results were remarkable!

  • My father, who had suffered from diabetes for 30 years, experienced total relief from this affliction in just six months after starting on my non-prescription, nutritional anti-aging program! He’s 84 years old now, diabetes for over 19 years!
  • My mother, who suffered from very high cholesterol and had to take medication for it, went from a cholesterol level of 270 all the way down to 160-170 on my nutritional anti-aging program!
  • A wealthy businessman in his 60’s saw his Growth Hormone level (checking his Insulin Growth Factor 1) increase from 150 to 235 ng/ml of serum in just six months! (That’s outstanding, by the way – especially since it was all nutritional and without injections of any kind!)
  • Another man I treated had diabetes and high cholesterol. Within just TWO MONTHS on my Anti-Aging Program, he experienced total relief from both conditions!
  • A 48-year-old woman who suffered from migraine headaches for 17 years started taking my special supplements. After just ONE WEEK, her migraines left her for good!
  • One of my business associates and his family members started having the symptoms of impending heart problems. But no more, now that they’re using my nutritional Anti-Aging Program!
  • And in one case, a 34-year-old woman had a hairline that was receding very badly. But after just ONE MONTH on our supplements, new hair is now growing back at her hairline and she couldn’t be happier!

These and many, many other success stories I could share with you are the reasons I’m so excited about making my eAntiAging Supplement Program available to the public.

Disease Reversal Is Finally Here!

The most common success I see in my clinic and with my company’s customers is disease reversal.

Imagine my delight in being able to help CURE (not just “treat”) people’s diabetes… high cholesterol… hypertension
hardening of the arteries… cardiovascular problems
eyesight problems… menopause symptoms… sexual dysfunction
problems… prostate problems… and so much more!

Once I started witnessing firsthand these amazing clinical successes, I was hooked! What a wonderful way to truly HELP people!

I was hooked ! What a wonderful way to truly HELP people!” – Dr. Maria

That’s when I decided that I needed to share this treasure with the world. Reaching people on my own, one at a time in my clinic, was much too slow. So I started the personalization program with some fellow doctors and business associates, and here we are!

Our mission is to make our super-potent, health-restoring supplement formulas available to EVERYONE who wants a longer, healthier, more active and fulfilling life for as long as they live. And that means making our products AFFORDABLE – which we have

Highest Quality,
Lowest Prices,
And Shipped Direct To You Every Month!

We’ve cut all our costs to the bare bones, and we use a Monthly “Direct-To-You” Shipping Program that cuts out the high cost of retail distribution, advertising and marketing expenses, and other typical expenditures associated with the supplement business. You won’t even find our products in retail stores or health food stores.

Our goal was to cut out the “middleman” so that you can get these high-quality, high-potency supplements at the lowest possible price!

As a result, “personalized program supplements” are beyond compare. You won’t find anything like them in any health food store. And, even if you tried to “duplicate” our ingredients, you’d end up spending far more than what our products cost.

Start Today!

It just makes good sense to start your own personalized anti-aging Supplement Program today. Every month, before you run out of your current supply, a new shipment will automatically arrive at your doorstep. You’ll never have to worry about running out… or going to the store… or not being able to get them when you need them. It’s automatic, convenient, and designed to keep your body at peak nutritional and hormonal levels — every day for the rest of your life!

That’s the KEY to slowing or even “halting” the terrible effects of aging. You MUST give your body what it needs every day in order to avoid letting it fall into the trap of low essential hormone levels, low nutrient levels, and low protein levels.

I sincerely hope you will start your program today, and make time your friend rather than your enemy.