Personal Consultation with Dr. Maria

Whether it’s a long-term illness or a new condition, there’s always hope. With knowledge, regardless of our situation, we have the potential to create exactly what we want. With knowledge, we can change our lives to be healthy, easy, comfortable, interesting and fun. With knowledge all things are possible.

Free Aesthetic Consultation

Dr. Maria offers a Free Aesthetic Consultation to first-time patients who are seeking answers about a Medical, Aesthetic or Nutritional concerns. She uses, this time, to determine whether she can give you the care and knowledge you need to recover and change your life.

Telemedicine Consultations

Doctor Consultation is via telephone or video conferencing. You will find we are a most affordable priced telemedicine service on the Internet with no hidden charges or pre-treatment membership fees. Confidentiality is of utmost importance to us as we conform to all HIPAA laws. Take your own health care costs into your own hands and start saving time and money by utilizing advances in telecommunications and modern medical practices to your advantage. Our parent company is a non-profit with a mission to provide low-cost health care delivery to the general public.

For those seeking anti-aging and longevity medicine consultations, some of our providers are an expert in this field of medicine. Due to our lower overhead we are able to provide excellent, expedient and affordable anti-aging services, well below the cost of our competitors. For those seeking resolution for acute minor illness, we have on staff well-experienced practitioners who are an expert at dealing with that illness well treated over the phone. Our service is especially convenient for those who cannot leave their homes for whatever reason.

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