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vk ner asked 1 month ago

Then, you probably have myopia, presbyopia or both combined. That means that you need more than one pair of eyeglasses to see well both near and far.
However, switching between two different pairs of glasses is neither practical nor budget-friendly.
For example, you can’t cook or watch TV at the same time because you need two different pairs of glasses to do both of these things! Imagine how frustrating this can be in your daily life.
And don’t forget that your prescription can change. That means that you’ll have to buy new glasses and spend again money on a new pair.
We finally found the best way to have again crystal clear vision without spending a fortune.
Read further and see how you can actually adjust your sight according to your needs!
Meet Proper Focus, the world’s first adjustable pair of glasses
Proper Focus is a flexible and waterproof pair of glasses that comes with adjustable lenses. This way, you can manually adjust the magnification of the lenses and use the same pair of glasses both for near or distance vision.
Using the patented Dual Lens Technology (DLT), ProperFocus is the most affordable solution as it is two glasses in one frame!
On top of that, Proper Focus comes with a flexible design that suits all faces and noses – no matter their size or shape. It’s also unisex, stylish and very lightweight.
You can wear ProperFocus all day long  – even while working out or running. Thanks to its sturdy design and anti-scratch technology, you won’t have to worry anymore about breaking or damaging your eyeglasses.
Dual Lens Technology – Adjust your sight manually according to your needs
Two pairs of glasses in one – Suitable for myopia and myopia
Anti-Scratch Design – ProperFocus is made of sturdy materials
Flexible Temples – Adjust ProperFocus to the shape of your face and nose.
Comfortable to Wear – Thanks to its lightweight and compact design
Get 50% Discount and Free Worldwide Shipping
Is it really worth your money?
Do you want to have crystal clear vision all day long? Are you tired of switching between two different pairs of glasses? Are you afraid that your prescription will change again in the future?
If the answer is yes, then you need Proper Focus without a doubt.
We tried it and we are beyond impressed. The design is impeccable and the adjustable lenses technology really makes a difference.
Proper Focus really saved me. I’m in my late 50s and can’t see very clearly. I work at the office and have to sit in front of a computer screen all day long. Before ProperFocus, that was impossible. My eyes were getting blurry and very tired. I totally recommend it to everyone!
I loved them. I use ProperFocus all day long. Perfect for reading a book, wathcing tv, using your smartphone. It’s very well-made and very lightweight. 5/5!
Where can I buy Proper Focus?
Proper Focus is currently sold only online. To make it yours, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Get the 50% discount and free shipping
  3. Get Proper Focus and enjoy crystal clear sight all day long!

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