Ask the DoctorCategory: Total Health CareWhy Do I Need ActiV8 Fitness Tracker?
ActiV8 Fitness Tracker asked 3 weeks ago

A ActiV8 Fitness Tracker to fitness for many people is remembering to fit in sufficient exercise: the automatic notification feature on the wristband will generate texts or other alerts to let you know when it’s time to prioritize your fitness! A great way of helping you stay on track, alerts can be customized to suit your particular schedule.Even if you’re not engaged in outdoor pursuits or other high-risk activities, it’s still important that a fitness tracker is practical enough to withstand life at the gym, out on the road, at work or during leisure activities. The ActiV8 features a tough, durable construction and is waterproof enough for use during rain or whilst at the gym. Note that the device isn’t totally waterproof: no showering or swimming whilst wearing your activity tracker!Click Here

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