Detox Therapies

Chelaton Therapy
Chelation is the process by which chemicals bind with minerals.

Hydrocolonic Therapy
Hydrocolonic Therapy is a gravity-fed open design system.
The therapy is safe, simple, and effective

Toxicity from our environment increases each year. “Body burden” is the term now used to describe the heavy load of environmental chemicals that can be found in the average person. This is the result of lifelong exposure to plastics, metals, pesticides, fire retardants, and more. Many people have a chronic underlying low level toxicity because their body’s capacity for elimination and storage of toxins has been exceeded.

Think of the body as a sponge for a moment. A sponge can absorb only so much dirty water. Once the sponge is full, it drips its excess dirty water onto the floor. That is when a person shows symptoms.

The body’s innate wisdom knows that poisons cannot stay in the bloodstream or the body will die of poisoning. Thus the body looks for safer places to “park” toxins. Mercury (from vaccines, industrial chemicals in the water, air and food, fillings in our teeth) gets put into fatty tissues, which by the way includes the brain because it is 60% fatty tissue. Organophosphates (from insecticides) come in through the lungs and skin and are deposited into soft tissues (muscles, connective tissue and joints). The body will deposit lead in our bones. This is why blood tests for example cannot reveal the level of stored toxins in the body. So when you get blood tests back with the words, “You’re fine,” remember that blood work doesn’t tell the whole story, not by a long shot.

In addition to the buildups throughout the body, problems can begin to arise in different areas of the body. The GI tract can develop microscopic ulcerations, pH imbalances, imbalance in bacteria and fungus, granulomas, hypersecretion of mucus, and many other problems.

In addition to deposits of fatty acids in the liver, liver cells can begin to die, bile flow can become inhibited making digestion of fats difficult, etc. And so it goes with other organs and tissues throughout the body.

For all of these reasons, bodies whose detox systems have been overwhelmed, need extra help. There are good ways to get rid of heavy metals through Chelation or hydrocolonic therapies. If we can sufficiently improve the health of the body’s cellular metabolism, the body can deal with these toxins on its own. Then we may not have to use the chelating agents. Rather, we focus on strengthening the cellular metabolism.

Why do some people get sick when others do not? That can happen when a person is operating with very little reserve. One day, the person is exposed to an invader, a virus or bacteria, and the immune system doesn’t have enough soldiers to knock it out so the body succumbs to illness. (It doesn’t matter whether the lack of reserve comes from genetics or environmental toxicity.) On occasion, antibiotics are life saving. But repeated use of antibiotics will not improve the health of the person as a whole.